• "Finishing second just means you’re first in the losers line!" and that’s how we in Pi Kappa Alpha feel. If you’re going to compete, then win.

      Here is a brief list of our accomplishments: 



    WON! The Harvey T. Newell Award for being the most improved Pike Chapter in the United States.

    The Robert Adger Smythe Award for being in the top 1% of Pike Chapters in the United States and Canada - we have won this award twenty-seven times in the last thirty-one years. 

    Pi Kappa Alpha International Programming Awards in Rush, Community Service (three times), Health & Safety, Housing, Athletics (three times), Alumni Relations, Financial Management (three times), New Member Education (twice), Alumni / International Work Day (multiple times), Campus Involvement / Chapter Accountability / and in Scholarship for exceeding a chapter 3.00 for the last 24 consecutive semesters (12 + years in a row!)

    Prestigious Pi Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation Donor Award twenty-four of the last twenty-five years.

    International Chapter of Excellence Certificate the last 37 consecutive years.

    Interfraternity Council Chapter of the Year NINE straight years * Greek Chapter of the Year 2 of the 3 years it was given * Fraternity of Excellence winner 6 years in a row * IFC Fraternity of the Year for 3 years.

    Junior Interfraternity Council New Member Class of the Year five of six years.

    Interfraternity Council Programming Awards every year we have participated.

    RECOGNIZED FOR having more members earn a perfect 4.00 than any other fraternity.

    donating more hours to local charities than all other fraternities.

    being the first fraternity to ever earn a 3.00.

    pledging and initiating more members than any other fraternity.

    It's not what a fraternity can do for you by having ONE great year.

    It is what a fraternity can do for you by having one great YEAR after one great YEAR after one great YEAR...


    - we won this award 15 times in 18 years it has been given.
    No other fraternity has won this award.

    ATHLETICS = Consistent Winners
    - we have finished first in points 25 of the last 32 years and that includes the last 15 years in a row.


    If you’re Looking for a winner in the classroom, on the athletic field, and within the brotherhood of an organization - then look no further than the Eta Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha.  

    Join a winner - Join Pi Kappa Alpha or be prepared to compete against us for the rest of your life.